stranger we become.

I don’t even know if my roommate is talking to me because I’ve had my headphones in for the past thirty minutes not paying attention to her.

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Song: Move That Dope / Nectel Chirp / Let Your Hair Blow ft. Young Scooter (prod. Zaytoven)
Artist: Gambino
Album: S T N M T N
12,812 plays

Sometimes I wish I could fuck Gambino’s voice.

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Song: Pre (Feat. SK La Flare)
Artist: Earl Sweatshirt
Album: Doris
49,031 plays


The secret track hidden in the script on was discovered by /u/peepsie112 on reddit. Here is the post describing how they found it. The hidden file was an acapella that lined up with the last track on K A U A I. It was confirmed by a tweet from Childish Gambino.

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Song: Feel It All Around
Artist: Washed Out
Album: Life of Leisure
83,619 plays

Bearded men are wonderful.